Birthday Party Packages

Package #1: BMA Nursery Ninja’s Party

This package offers fun activities in a structured class setting. Party goers will use their bodies to stretch, tumble, jump, and kick. The little ninjas will go through an obstacle course to test out their ninja skills. Let’s not forget about everyone’s favorite the PARACHUTE! Fun for all your little ones from 3 – 5 years old.

Package #2: BMA Junior Warrior Martial Arts Party

This package offers introduction to karate, judo, and grappling in a structured class setting all geared towards fun and fitness. A certificate of achievement of level 1 BMA will be given and your child will have an optional opportunity to break a board. Ideal for children 6 ‐ 12 years old.

Package #3: BPT Kid Fit Party

This package is great for kids ages 3 – 5 years old. This package offers all ages will stretch, exercise, and go through a mini adventure obstacle course.

Package #4: BPT Mini Obstacle Party

This package is great for older kids ages 6 ‐12 years old. This package offers all ages will stretch, exercise, and go through an adventure obstacle course. The obstacles challenges will be a mini warrior challenge that includes crawling, climbing, and jumping obstacles.

Days & Times

Saturdays: 1:00 – 2:30pm; 3:00‐4:30pm; 5:00‐6:30pm

Sundays: 12:00‐1:30pm; 2:00‐3:30pm; 4:00‐5:30pm

Please be prompt as there may be parties scheduled before/after ours, parties must start on time. Parties at BPT Fitness run for 1 ½ hours on Saturday and Sunday; include a minimum of 2 staff will lead and supervise activities. Children will get to spend 45 minutes with our instructors doing age‐appropriate activities and the 45 minutes of party time, instructors will be available to help parents at the party table while the children eat, open presents, and participate in parent‐planned activities. BPT Fitness staff will clean up after each party. Each party activity is planned around the age or the birthday day child. We provide: Table, chairs, refrigerator, freezer, and fun! You provide: Food, drinks, and party goods/decorations


1‐10 children $180

11‐15 children $200

16‐20 children $220

Additional $5.00 per child over 20 children. Parties that go over the provided time are subject to a $75.00 charge per ½ hour

For additional payment information (reservation fee, payment form) and party guidelines click HERE