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BPT's Ageless Fitness Lifestyle is here for 2019!
Start the new year with a new you with BPT's Ageless Fitness Lifestyle Program for 40 and older. BPT puts you with the right trainers that can help you to, improve your physical, mental, and nutritional lifestyle. We offer a personalized program designed to the individual’s lifestyle and fitness ability to best meet your needs. Our fitness packages help develop positive mind frame to help you overcome those old injuries, uncertainties with confidence, and increase your energy so you feel like doing it.. We can help you regain back your youthful "you" so that you can feel more energetic, look, feel and act more youthful. Remember what your doctors always says, "age is just a number"!

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    Tai Chi Updates! Join GM Bergamo on Sunday mornings to learn the beautiful art of Tai Chi. All ages welcome!

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Clients who have started their ageless lifestyle with us...

  • "Why we enjoy attending BPT Fitness... Come February I’ll be 73, I don’t feel 73, some of that is attitude about getting older and the other is keeping moving and that’s where the gym comes in. I often say I don’t want to use the shopping cart as a walker. I’ve been coming to BPT fitness of Cheshire for a little over two years. Ralph and Margo are great, both are extremely knowledgeable about all your body parts and muscles and keeping you fit. They are always watching and making sure you are following their directions correctly. Some are not easy, but are all done for your betterment. I suffered an extension injury to my leg and knee area in 2006 the workouts and exercises have helped my leg immensely and I have also lost 35 pounds. My wife and I are at the gym twice a week for our 1hr. workouts and once a week for Tai Chi. Fun and Fun it is, with all the other people who are also working out, you meet a lot of very nice people of all ages. We are losing weight and inches and staying lose all while having FUN. So, stop-by anytime and see for yourself. 460 W Main St. Cheshire, CT. You can sign up for any one of the many programs available."

    Don & Jeanne Chatfield
  • “I have been working out with Ralph Bergamo at BPT Fitness, West Main Street, Cheshire, CT for about 2 months and I’m finding the results very satisfactory. I originally came to see Ralph because I had a definite limp in my right leg and I felt it needed correcting. Ralph has worked with me one to one and the improvement has been good. I can see that I still have a way to go, but I am on the right track to walking normally.”

    Pat K
  • “I have been working out with Ralph Bergamo at BPT Fitness and Bergamo's Martial Arts since the Spring of 2015. I started taking a women's kickboxing class, that lead to one-on-one personal training, and then into martial arts. When Mr. Bergamo mentioned to me about taking martial arts, I first said I was too old at 37 years old! He helped me to change my mindset that I was capable and able, I just needed to believe in myself and trust that he could get me to where I needed to be in physical shape to do it. Over the years, I have done a lot that I would have never dreamed that I could do, even having him help work out old (and new) injuries to overcome them in rehab to gain my balance and strength back. And the best part along the way, I lost 50 pounds! I am now 41 years old and I feel younger and more energetic that I did when I was in my 20's!”

    Christine M.
  • “A few months after I retired from a health-care career, I decided to check out Cheshire Martial Arts and Fitness Center. I met with Ralph Bergamo and he explained what classes and training sessions were offered and I decided to join. Margo Kennedy has been my trainer for nine months and she's terrific. She makes the work-outs fun and the hour just seems to fly by. I was nervous at first since I hadn't worked out in quite a while., but she put me at ease by starting off slowly and gently. Now, I look forward to my work-outs, feeling energized and toning up my muscles!"