Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1- What is more important Strength or Flexibility?


    Both. You shouldn’t have one without the other. Flexibility without strength can increase the risk of hyperextension of your joints. Strength without flexibility limits the maximum output potential of the muscle. Full range of motion is optimal in the gym, at home and on the field.

  • 2- Is a warm-up really necessary?


    YES! A warm-up is used to increase brain activity and blood flow throughout your body; informing all of the systems in your body that they need to be prepared. This dramatically reduces the chance of injury and increases your body’s level of performance.

  • 3- How do I get rid of love handles?


    Healthy eating and exercise duh! You knew that! You cannot target a specific area of fat; however, the more lean muscle you have on your body, the more fat you burn (even in your sleep!). A proper prescription of cardio, strength training and healthy eating is more than enough to vanquish your love handles.

  • 4- What time of day is best for a workout?


    What ever time you can fit into your schedule! Exercise is exercise, whether it is 5am or 8pm. The early risers may have an advantage though! With a morning workout, your body will feel the positive effects throughout the rest of your day, potentially increasing your productivity and mood.

  • 5- How do you avoid hitting the dreaded plateau?


    The human body is designed to adapt to become efficient. After about 2-3weeks of doing the same old thing, your body figures out the most efficient way to accomplish the task and then has no need to change, aka “the plateau.” If you change up your routine, whether it be the type of exercises, the structure of your workout or even frequency, your body will forever be trying to adapt; thus creating constant change.